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Assorted Baklava Trays

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Single Selection Baklava

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handmade desserts with love

We use only the highest quality ingredients: hand sorted pistachios, real butter that we clarify ourselves and no artificial anything.


baklava pistachio

*TOP SELLER* Between 48 leaves of the lightest Fillo dough brushed with clarified butter, rests a layer of chopped Turkish pistachios all in a sweet syrup. A squeeze of lemon in the light syrup topping finishes a delightful dessert best served with coffee, a fruit tray, a sorbet or by itself.

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assorted standard mixed

*TOP SELLING* A mix of our most popular baklava selection, including Pistachio Baklava, Lady Fingers, Bird’s Nest, Burma Circles, Mini Bird’s Nest, Half Moon, and Royal Twisted.

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assorted custom mixed

*TOP SELLER* For the Pistachio lover!! A special selection of Pistachio Baklava, Lady Fingers, Bussma, Bird’s Nests, Burma Circles, Half Moon and Ballouria baklava.

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Promising flavors you haven't tried anywhere else. Try them right now!

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